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Title: First Case Mod
Created: 14.08.2007 17:17
My first case mod. Saw a tutorial on how to make a blowhole and taught myself the rest.
Yeah, this beast is ready to play Half Life 2 on medium graphics...ooohhh yeah.

the blowhole was cut using a hole saw. Then I stuck some pvc pipe in there, patched it up with some car putty (filler, bog, whatever), and sanded it etc...painted...

Then I put a grill in the back and an 80 mm trans-blue led fan. For some stupid reason I didn't think to make the blowhole BIGGER, or just make more but HEY, this is my first mod. I can't beat myself up about it too much.

Oh yeah, and it looks kickass.
Yeah, this beast is ...
In the dark. I need more money to get nicer looking cables. 

AMD 64 3500+ 939
512 Kingmax 333 ram
Radeon 9550 (overclocked, still crap though)
MBAbit UGuru something or other

I can't remember the rest. That'll do.
In the dark. I need ...
Some power supply, I donno, maybe 500w, i can't remember. But it's fan lights up, and that's pretty friggin sweet.
Some power supply, I...