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Age: 27
Location: Vesilahti



Uploaded: 10.12.2008 18:45

Heikki63 - No not so bad wire mess now (new case)! Vote please

No not so bad wire mess now (new case)! Vote please

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03.01.2009 13:06 Heikki63I have my reasons :D
03.01.2009 12:58 JipaEh.. Did you not find any cases larger than that or why did you get it? :/ Such waste of time tbh.
27.12.2008 23:11 Penttipatenttii bought g15 and antec tree hyndred today ill take pictures soon :D
11.12.2008 15:17 Heikki63pete21: thatīs true, but now my HDDs are little bit colder and cpu also :D
11.12.2008 01:52 pete21it makes no sence to me why they put a fan at the front like that. it blows on your harddrives..but how? the HDD rack blocks it waste of fan if you ask me :-)
10.12.2008 20:27 verrui mean between that front fan and "wall"
10.12.2008 20:25 Heikki63Space?? I think there is space for everything :D Come here to explain me what you mean :D
10.12.2008 20:09 verrui know but isn't there any space?? or maybe front if there's some placce
10.12.2008 19:43 DJanneOh, yeah. I'm just so quick :D:D
10.12.2008 19:34 Heikki63DJanne: Of course :D You can see it better from my another picture! verru: I canīt because there is also 230mm fan like on the side and front :D
10.12.2008 19:26 DJanneIs that CM HAF 932?
10.12.2008 19:07 verruCan you put any ccfl to roof? inside ofcourse, it would look cool?
10.12.2008 19:06 verrunot 1, it was 2
10.12.2008 18:56 Heikki63I canīt! You can come here and put them better :D And verru why you always vote rating 1 to me??
10.12.2008 18:54 verrustill some mess down there, can you put PSU wires still from some other hole?
10.12.2008 18:52 verrunice cpu-cooler ;D