Nick: Heikki63  Info
Age: 27
Location: Vesilahti



Uploaded: 07.08.2008 23:22

Heikki63 - New parts on a right places :D (except my HDD)

New parts on a right places :D (except my HDD)

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28.12.2008 18:46 Heikki63paint :D
27.12.2008 23:21 Penttipatenttiwhat program you guys are using for shrinking pictures :o :D :D:D cant put these picures :P
08.08.2008 23:10 Heikki63Yea my cpu is 6400+ x2! No its x16 :D
08.08.2008 19:11 laurilrBut if it operates @ x4/x8 speed even it's physically PCI-E x16
08.08.2008 18:42 DJanneToo slow? If it's x16 so it is just good.
08.08.2008 18:08 laurilrIS your CPU AMD A64 6400+? Isn't yout AssRock's mobos PCI-E slot too slow for HD 4870...?
08.08.2008 07:35 HaoKiI spend quite alot of time in Vesilahti...;)
08.08.2008 00:56 pertti85thats true..:D
08.08.2008 00:47 verruIt really is here in Vesilahti. I think like 10 dudes (its 30% of Vesilahti's population :D) have been updated their computer this year :)
08.08.2008 00:41 Heikki63I think yea! :D btw. is there anybody who lives in Vesilahti or near it?? :D
08.08.2008 00:35 HaoKiIs the "Upgrade you computer"-Month in Vesilahti? :D:D
08.08.2008 00:26 Heikki63maybe today yea! :D
08.08.2008 00:22 pertti85take picture when power is on..:D
08.08.2008 00:21 Heikki63And that pci fan was a impulse buy! But Im very content :D
08.08.2008 00:15 Heikki63pertti85: No Im not! verru: I konw, I hate them too
08.08.2008 00:14 verruwires :S and power up there :D
08.08.2008 00:13 pertti85you have enought money becouse you are "porvari"..:D
08.08.2008 00:11 Penttipatentticool
08.08.2008 00:09 Heikki63I know that and I will chance it someday :D ...if I have enough money
07.08.2008 23:58 pete21agree with PERTTI85 nice still :)
07.08.2008 23:36 pertti85too small cpu cooler..:D pci fan is nice..:D