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Age: 27
Location: Vesilahti



Uploaded: 30.01.2008 21:13

Heikki63 - Now I got it! Amd Athlon 64 x2 6400+ (3,22ghz)

Now I got it! Amd Athlon 64 x2 6400+ (3,22ghz)

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06.08.2008 00:50 HaoKiYou really can't just compare the Ghz speeds...The amd and intel cpus are so much different that the plain Ghz doesn't tell you that much...
06.08.2008 00:48 verruIt's little bit better than mine: E8400 (3,0ghz) ??
03.02.2008 19:57 Heikki63Tiki: Good :D:D:D Toymachine: Iīm not going to change that! Belive or not, I donīt care
03.02.2008 14:11 ToymachineGo to bios and change ur multiplier :) then i might believe it's a black edition :)
03.02.2008 14:07 aMigastill you are funny:DD
03.02.2008 13:04 Heikki63okey! I know itīs in a different box!! And Tiki: I donīt need Black edition, but this is black edition
03.02.2008 01:48 aMiga"So? I donīt need Black edition!" and now normal prosessor is black edition.. Heikki63 you are funny:)
02.02.2008 23:26 thats a "normal" X2 6400+ Black Edition is different from the box (black *doh*) and it contains no cooler
02.02.2008 23:18 WeZapicture or it didn't happen
02.02.2008 22:27 Heikki63I know that! Iīm not stupid I can take a screenshot and show if you want?!!
02.02.2008 22:12 Circusacterm, really? the BLACK edition box is ... BLACK, not green. LINK [http://news.tigerdirect.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/black-box-photo-jpg-small-rgb.jpg] I have one, the box is closer to an opteron box in terms of color scheme.
02.02.2008 21:11 Heikki63I noticed one thing, that my processor is Black edition! But when I bought it, I didnīt knew that itīs black edition
02.02.2008 12:09 Circusactit ran EVE and COD4 just fine. but i didnt do prime cuz i was playing with it before i sent it out ;P
02.02.2008 07:49 GSX3.9 "stable" is really reaching.... I have no doubt that it will boot, but under a stress test it won't survive.
01.02.2008 22:12 Circusact;p... I did a system build with the black for a buddy, i got it up to 3.9 on a crap asus xfire mobo w/ scyth katana 2.
01.02.2008 21:47 Heikki63heh!
01.02.2008 21:42 naake1lol :D
01.02.2008 18:45 JipaAs you bought AMD, it's not hard to guess you aren't an overclocker...
01.02.2008 18:09 Heikki63Iīm not overclocker! :D
01.02.2008 01:09 Circusacteither it WAS cheaper.. or hes lied... and he didnt have the scratch to get the better chip
31.01.2008 22:28 JipaYou didn't get the black even it was cheaper? what the..
31.01.2008 21:55 Heikki63So? I donīt need Black edition! and it was 1€ cheaper
31.01.2008 07:29 Circusactand you didnt get the BLACK edition?.... Its only about 10bucks more, and you get an UNLOCKED multiplier
30.01.2008 21:49 Heikki63about 160€
30.01.2008 21:35 JipaHow much did you pay for that... thing?
30.01.2008 21:24 Heikki63Yes :D I have to update my BIOS and then I can tell marks
30.01.2008 21:19 miksa07my 6000+ is better than you
30.01.2008 21:19 potkisYou final get it. :) Tell Marks to us. :D
30.01.2008 21:19 miksa07nice