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Age: 27
Location: Vesilahti



Title: Vehicles
Created: 30.05.2008 15:05

My car. Not modded much yet, only mesh to grill and front bumper.


Hood will be covered whit white tape and chrome parts from rims will be removed.
So it will be Black&White and maybe little bit of red for interior

Please give advices and give a vote for rims
My car. Not modded m...
Newest bought..

I think this will win all of those lately uploaded pictures of mopeds and ATVs ;D

Sry about my quality paint fixes

better picture coming and maybe video to youtube...
Newest bought.....
My new dirt bike! :D

Top speed: 110km/h, but soon more..
Power: 15,5hp, but soon 25hp and maybe more..
My new dirt bike! :D...