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uGoat 2.0 (UNFINISHED)

Author: goatware
Used time: Working on it.
Cost: See uGoat 1.0
Categories: Full case | Monitor

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that the uGoat project was an absolute mess.
It was bulky, ugly, and terribly unstable (physically).
The computer and monitor however, were working better than ever; So I decided to rebuild uGoat as what it was intended to ideally be, using the things I now knew about constructing the internals.

First: Painting the case and PSU.
For this version I decided to use the already fine looking case that the monitor was originally contained in. I went ahead and painted it a metal flake red color (the paintjob may be touched up following when these pictures were taken):




Second: Putting in the internals.

There really wasn't a very elegant process of putting in the computer and monitor electronics, but the point is that I got them in :)
As you can see in these pictures, the monitor and PSU aren't in place yet.


Before mounting the LCD, I wanted to make sure I haven't killed it yet.

Running fine on the windows desktop:

And in halo:

Next: Mounting the PSU and LCD.

Check back over the next week or two for updates!

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10.04.2007 19:16 orbutlutmore hot glue??
12.02.2007 07:37 goatwareBad news, guys... I scrapped this project just after finishing it. Sorry!
07.01.2007 11:12 AletziKoska noi uudet kuvat tulee ? When come new picures ?
27.10.2006 03:47 soxNICE!