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Halogen light system

Author: Jipa
Used time: 3h
Cost: 20e
Categories: Photography Gear | Electronics

Day two - it's finished! (almost)

On with the pics..

Wiring was nothing special. I had in mind to add a switch for every lamp but then found it useless and inpractical. Now they are all lit at the same time, if one is not needed it can be removed.

Closeup showing the first connection. The white wire comes from the transformer and is about 4mms thick, the grey one is about 1,5.

And here's the transformer I'm using. I actually had in mind to use a 240VA one but this works just as well.

First time with the lights on. The lamps I used aren't identical which caused this pretty unfortunate effect, some of them seem to have a smaller angle of light. The lamps are either 20 or 35 Watts but the angle seemed to make more difference than the power.

Even with the problem with the lamps I managed to take this, IMO pretty nice, pic of my cutters. To be honest I don't like Photoshopping at all so getting "ready" pics straight from the camera is extremely good news!

I'll still have to mount this thing somehow, preferrably so the whole system can be rotated... But that's all for now, any opinions?

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20.12.2006 17:35 YoshiSittenpä pitää hieman eri tavalla toteuttaa :F
20.12.2006 15:19 Yoshivois itekkin kyllä oikeastaan tämmöstä alkaa tekemään kun aina tuntuu että on liian huono valaistus jos vaikka jotain tietokoneen osia myyntiä varten kuvaa :P
24.08.2006 09:15 JipaSe on vielä työn alla. Vieressä on Sovella-kiskoja joihin varmaan kikkailen jonkun helposti säädettävän systeemin..
23.08.2006 21:49 OpelrunJos sais viel kuvia härpäkkeestä asennettuna ?
17.08.2006 21:56 JipaYeah I've had that in mind but I haven't yet found any suitable materials.. Maybe white leivinpaperi? :)
17.08.2006 17:05 drakminPut some 'diffusor' between the lights and the object you are photographing, it softens the light and shadows and results in more pleasant images.
09.08.2006 22:17 tiduzomg
09.08.2006 19:22 JipaIt rokroks so much :)