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Halogen light system

Author: Jipa
Used time: 3h
Cost: 20e
Categories: Photography Gear | Electronics

I've had some sort of light-system for product-photoes in my mind for a long time and finally I started to do something. Using low voltage was pretty obvious choise as the whole thing is DIY. In the first version there will be five lamps but option for ten. I'll see how the first version works and then add them... PSU will be 200VA transformer specially ment for halogen lamps, voltage is pretty optimal 11.5V. The lamps can be anything between 20 and 40Watts, once again a thing I'll see when this is finished.


No pics of making this frame, but I guess it's pretty obvious how this is made. The tube is 20*20mm aluminum with 1mm thick walls, lamp-holders are 25*2mm flat bar.

Here's a closeup showing how the arms can be turned. 40mm M4-screw is held in the flat bar by nylock nut and this thing is then tightened to the frame with a wing-nut.

That's all for now, updates coming when I'll get the electronics done and get to test this thingy :)