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IBM AT - ATX conversion

Author: EnForce1
Used time: 2 weeks
Cost: ~40€
Categories: Full case | Single case mods

It's been some time now since I joined ATM.com but I haven't actually done any proper mods to this date.

I was planning on getting a new case later this year if/when I upgrade some of the innards (still using a Core2 Duo system from 3 years ago as my main PC). I would have probably got me some CM Storm case but this crazy idea hit me the other day. I've had an old IBM AT computer around the house for 10+ years so I thought what if I attempted to modify it to support an ATX-based system. I'm a real amateur with this stuff so be gentle :D

Here's the original case without the insides. The lock + power&hdd led panel is not present but I'll save it for later

I started with cutting the motherboard tray from an old Compucase A6 series case (rough at this point)

I also did some cutting on the original HDD cage to have enough space for the motherboard. Didn't sand the edges on that evening because it was kinda late in the first place :D

And here's the layout I'm planning to do. The perspective ruins everything but keep in mind the new hdd cage (also from my old Compucase) will be installed inside the original hdd cage.

I'm probably going to use the case in vertical position so the DVD drive will be vertical as well. I'm still not sure about the PSU orientation and cooling system but at least I got the project started :)