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Age: 31
Location: Helsinki

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Author: metalfusion
Used time: 60 hours in CAD, 100 hours building.
Cost: 500-600e (upgrade from cnc1) 1200-1300e (built from scratch)
Categories: Handicrafts | Tools | Electronics

Long time since last update. I haven't had much time to work on the machine so the progress had been slow.

I finally got the X axis running with both motors. I had some problems with vibration but got those pretty much solved by re-aligning the X-ballscrew.

The electronics are now housed in this box mounted on the side of the machine.

I have also added homing switches for the Y and X axis. These are used to set  the zero points for the coordinate system.

This touch plate is used to zero the Z axis. The machine will run slowly downward until the tool touches the plate and completes the circuit.

Video of the homing process.