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Location: Tampere

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case n

Author: willek
Used time: Months
Cost: ~200 EUR

 alt The cover was made from 0,50mm aluminium, the same stuff as the heatsink. Making the ventilation holes required using plywood bracings, so the huge drill wouldnt rip the thin aluminium.

larger picture
 alt I covered the cover (pardon the pun) with black fake leather.

larger picture
   Here is a video of the assembly.
 alt Behind.

larger picture
 alt Front. Right next to it is an older case project, which I gave to my brother.

larger picture
 alt Top

larger picture
Maximum dimensions for the case are: (height x width x depth) 35 x 17x 29 cm

Specs for the comp are:
C2D E6750 @ 3,2Ghz
XFX 8800GT
4GB 800Mhz ddr2
500W nexus
750GB Samsung F1
DVD writer sony (slim slot-in)

More "money shots" coming when I have the time and inspiration to take them. (never, probably :)

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29.05.2009 06:58 redstarnice, i have it i think i might use it and transfer my case from auto cad
27.05.2009 21:28 willekYes it is :)
27.05.2009 03:14 redstarWillek is that Autodesk Inventor you are using?
21.01.2009 00:10 willekthanks :)
20.01.2009 20:16 MasseNice work and those timelapse videos are cool :)
18.01.2009 00:15 willekwell I think so. I have dragged the case to Assembly and other lan parties and it still in one piece :)
17.01.2009 23:20 alfonsWas it good stuff? good glue for metal?
17.01.2009 19:45 willekit is nothing like epox, its more like mix of plaster and chipboard
17.01.2009 19:32 alfonsgreat plans, great execute! how did the chemical metal work? is it just normal epox?
17.01.2009 18:28 jurbeThis is amazing! Love it
17.01.2009 11:59 OzzkuuJust awesome
17.01.2009 11:18 willekyeah forgot to "unprivate" the videos. now they are public. And those images do work, that lanita server just changed ip yesterday, probably your isps dns servers are just slow or something :)
17.01.2009 10:54 Jipabluebright: he got them made on a water jet. willek: good job once again :)
17.01.2009 08:36 metalfusionNone of the externally linked images work :(
17.01.2009 07:52 anttifastThis is really nice case!
17.01.2009 07:43 bluebrightVideos would be cool, but yeah, there private. Awesome stuff man, hey did you say you cut the parts your self, or did you pay someone to do it?
17.01.2009 03:00 kuppazkithe videos are marked as private and few of the pics wont work. nice case though!