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case n

Author: willek
Used time: Months
Cost: ~200 EUR

I wanted the case to be as small as possible, but still durable and robust. To this end, I decided to use water jet cutting. 3mm aluminium is strong but light, and didnt cost too much. I used the inventor model to create blueprints, and converted them into autocad dwg format. Tampereen vesileikkaus did a fine job with the water jet cutter. The parts cost me 120 Euros.

Here are the water jet cut parts.

larger picture
alt I used Chemical metal to glue the parts together.

larger picture
alt Of course there was a small error in my designs. There was only empty space where there should have been one of the motherboards attachment points. Luckily it was easy to correct with chemical metal

larger picture
 Timelapse video of the gluing process.
alt Finished frame. The holes on the motherboard tray are for PSU airflow.

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