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Working light for a drill press

Author: Jipa
Used time: 1 hour
Cost: 5 e
Categories: Tools | Electronics

Working light for a drill press

Here are the materials for this simply mod. The led flashlight has been already earlier modified to work with a transformer instead of batteries. The flash light was a freebie, but these things only cost a couple of euros. The strip of aluminum is 1,5 mm thick and a bit overkill for this project.

The cartridge was used to bend the aluminum, the flash light itself might have crushed under the pressure so I figured it's better to use the cartridge I had lying around. The holes would have been easier to drill before bending the aluminum, but because I hadn't had my cup of coffee, I did everything the hard way.

The bent aluminum was then slipped on the flash light and the thing was ready to be installed.

I first thought I'd make a larger piece of aluminum to go around the stand of the drill press, but then I found a couple of screw holes that were easier to use. The original bolt was swapped to a longer one and now the screw hole doubles as a lamp stand.

The project took less than an hour and it makes aiming easier, so I recommend every drill press owner to make a small mod like this to their tool.

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12.06.2009 12:46 Hene987Don't take it too seriously. :P
11.06.2009 22:54 Jipagee... Take it easy!
11.06.2009 22:44 Hene987Jipa I love you. <3 You made me find my camcorder's battery charger! It's been lost now half year but now I found it. I searched some usable transformer from box full of old mobilephone transformers. I can't understand how I didn't found it any earlier, I often search something from that box.
15.03.2009 12:38 JipaYou'll need a resistor anyway, so the voltage doesn't mean anything.
15.03.2009 09:52 Hene987Because I have plenty of those led lamps what you have.
15.03.2009 05:43 JipaI have absolutely no clue. Maybe something like 6 V 300 mA. Why do you ask anyway? It doesn't really matter...
12.03.2009 08:54 Hene987What is the led lamps transformers specs?
17.07.2008 23:28 problemchild49Very good mod , very usefull
09.04.2008 21:39 JipaI have line lasers so that's not an issue.
09.04.2008 21:30 willeklaser would only be useful if it came from directly above, as in from the drill :) If it came from the angle like the light, the place of the laserpoint would depend on the height of the drilling platform and the thickness of the drilled object :)
09.04.2008 20:04 LcdloI think that laser pointer might be somewhat useless, in metals i use centerpunch and plastics i make smaller "start" hole before final drilling, so aiming is quite easy. So my opinion is that light is really usefull, but laser might just only glare, like Jipa said.
09.04.2008 19:44 tOukoooi can imagine how easy would be aim if there is laserpointer in that drill :D, but simply nice mod.
08.04.2008 21:27 CzaNice :) And surely for a real purpose :]
07.04.2008 19:34 JipaI can warmly recommend a light like this to all drill press owners as it really helps with the aiming..
07.04.2008 19:11 ryanarmstronglooks good i might mod mine like that
06.04.2008 22:53 YarikoOr UV light
06.04.2008 22:16 JipaI thought of bolting a laser pointer there, but drilling reflective materials after that would not have been too pleasant.
06.04.2008 22:02 True modders™ will make that led fade randomly through RGB-colours and make it flash also.. And real HC-modders bolt more than one light there ;)
06.04.2008 20:30 willekthe topic says it clearly enough
06.04.2008 19:57 alfonsno. i mean after reading
06.04.2008 19:56 JipaTakes about a minute to read it through?
06.04.2008 19:52 alfonsit took a minute to figure the point of this mod :S
06.04.2008 13:17 worderrorlooking good :P