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This is a little project I just HAD to do after I found the pedals from a scrapyard. Originalyl the thing is used for controlling something up/down, most likely in a factory of some kind. The pedal is made of sturdy plastic and feels pretty high quality, which also lets to expect it's "industry-grade".

Anyway, on with the project. I wondered a while what to do with a pedal and then figured it might be nice if it would be connected to the back/forward buttons of a mouse. I had a wireless Intellimouse Explorer lying around, so on with the modding.

The first and hardest step was soldering the required four wires to the PCB of the mouse. This model has two circuit boards one on top of another, which made this a bit tricky. I had already once changed one of the buttons because one of them broke down, so I had some training under my belt on this.

Then I tested which connections are the right ones on the buttons and attached the cables. I also used some spiral wrap to give atleast some cover for the wires in the hostile under-table world full of blindly kicking feet.

And the whole thing ready for some testing.  The back/forward buttons maybe weren't the best ones for this kind of use, as they are also on the mouse I'm using normally. However this worked well when browsing through forums :) Mainly I made this to test how well the pedals work, next step would be to go to the next level with this same pedal and actually make it useful! Stay tuned, and please, leave comments and ideas for any future use.

So far the best thing I've come up with is to hook the buttons up to a keyboard so the pedal would work as lean left and right on a FPS-game. I think that would be the most "natural" use for it. Maybe I should also add some heaters to keep the toes warm on wintertime or fans? No blue leds here, that's for sure.

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20.03.2008 04:10 Teknoperunalikey likey:) recycling rulez!
06.01.2008 18:56 jimmymake the mouse as thin as posibal and small enough to fit in your palm and then use the peddles as left right while just sliding your palm asross the table, even better make it so other people cant see it while you do that
05.12.2007 19:31 MthedWonderful idea, keep at it.
30.11.2007 12:57 JipaThat's also a good idea... I've actually already been testing if it could be possible to use a mouse by feet. And who gave this 1/5? Would be nice to hear some reasons for that..
30.11.2007 08:47 srloll3rhmm.. Get rid of the mouse. Drill some holes to the middle part and add some buttons, then add ball wheels or just some teflon to the bottom and poof! You have a wireless foot mouse.
29.11.2007 19:06 NearCryYou should make a switch that you can use all the functions with one pedals.
27.11.2007 12:06 JipaYeah I have thought of that. If I find these really useful then I might build four of them from scratch. Would add more functionality and maybe even help enhance my eye-foot coordination or something :)
27.11.2007 11:57 CircusactOn a side note, this would be easy to reproduce using SPST switches, springs, plywood, speaker wire....
27.11.2007 11:52 CircusactHow about a KVM switch? Fan Speed contoler? Audio/speaker device switch? Volume control? zoom/scroll? Accept / decline call for skype/voip client?
26.11.2007 21:31 JipaAnd change the buttons to left and right I suppose?
26.11.2007 21:19 JapalaNext thing to do is to embed the mouse electronics inside the pedal... :)
26.11.2007 17:47 Jarziah, of course, i didn't realize that the wires are so short and they come out from the bottom of the mouse :D
26.11.2007 16:16 GSXDamn, I like the idea so much that I need one now.. Time to look for some pedals. 5/5 btw
26.11.2007 15:57 JipaYeah that's what I'm doing. As you can see, the cable is pretty short, so the mouse seen on the pictures is on the floor with the pedal. (On a sidenote I use MX518 normally)
26.11.2007 15:41 Jarzicool, very original idea. maybe you could connect two mouses on your computer? hide the back/forward mouse and use normal mouse by hand :) hope u understand what i'm saying. :p
26.11.2007 15:21 HochramI quote GSX, great idea for leaning left/right
26.11.2007 14:59 GSXGreat job! The lean left/right is a good idea. I love your hate for blue leds...They too make me have flashbacks of 2001 :D
26.11.2007 14:48 Yoshiyou really have some imagination :) Making this kinda mod would have never crossed my mind :)