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Red Vinyl

Author: bluebright
Used time: So Far: 64 hours~
Cost: So Far: $300 aud~
Categories: Full case | Single case mods | Cooling

I saw this shelf at the shops and thought "Freak that would make a nice computer case." I didn't have any money on me and they sold out. Then last week I saw it again, this time in 3 differen't colours, black, white, and red. The biggest being $30, so I picked one up (red) and started to froth at the mouth.

Of course, now the hard part is figuring out how to stuff a whole computer in there.

My next step was to draw up some concept art.

Then I did a 3d model in Google Sketchup to find out what could actually fit in that space (about 41 x 41 x 21 inside area). This pic has no side panels in it.

I had heaps of placement issue, especially with the PSU, which is that fat red box next the the I/O hole. Those blackish boxes at the bottom are DVD drives. I haven't found a place for the HD's yet.

This is going to be a gaming computer with some fancy air cooling. First those blowholes on the front as intake, and because theres little to no room at the back for exhaust, I'm going to make some fancy air ducts. I'll be using the same techniques as metioned in this fantastic article:

Okay, so that's all the idea's and intial thinking out of the way. Next post will have shots of some of the work I've started doing.