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Led light

Author: Jipa
Used time: 2 h
Cost: 3 €
Categories: Electronics

From the same rack as I scavanged my lovely new PSU (see image) I also took some fancy looking strain reliefers made of stainless steel. I had no idea what to do with these, but I was sure I'll figure something out. One idea was to use them as feet in some future project, but this evening I came up with the idea to use them as the body for some sort of light. IMO they look pretty nice and industrial and also are shiny, so they make a perfect  body for a light! The first idea was to use halogen lights, but then I figured out leds would make things more interesting..

First phase was to add an aluminum support plate for the U-bolt that would become a fixing point. These things obviously aren't too lightweight, so it's good to have nice support bracket made from metal. Because of the internal structure of the thing, this worked out pretty nicely.


Second thing to do was to cut a right shaped and sized piece of PCB to house the leds and the resistor. I used my trusty nibbler to cut the dot-copper-PCB. This worked pretty well. One shoudn't use too fine tools when working with PCBs because the material, when made to dust, is damn annoying. Try to make as little dust as possible and use a vacuum cleaner. It smells bad as well.


Ok then I soldered the four leds and the resistor and also a rectifier and a capacitor to the just made circular PCB. I had to enlarge some of the holes on the board to house the larger pins of the rectifier, but the leds fit just fine. Soldering stuff was straight forward, first the rectifier and the capacitor and then the leds one at a time. Can't really fail.

No images from the backside unfortunately, forgot to take any.


And the thingadilly completed. The leds aren't obviously too bright, but I think the outlooks are all OK. The cable is temporary, it's way too thick ATM.


I think the project went smoothly, no real costs as I already had all the parts. Also I'm pretty sure in the near (or not so near) future leds will finally light the planet, normal light bulbs simply have too lousy efficiency. This project just shows how easy it is to replace a 12 V halogen light with some leds.

Please leave comments if you found this mod nice and also if you need help with the schematic or need some more detailed images.



Does it really need a description? Of course it's impossible to take a pic  that would show the real situation perfectly on each monitor, but that's possibly the closest I can get. The beam is surprisingly wide, but only in the middle it really hits the roof. I was surprised by the brightness of the light! I have no idea when/where I've purchased the leds and what specs they have. In this project I run them at 3,2 V 20 mA.

UPDATE! 5.1.2009

I upgraded all the three lamps to house eight Dealextreme leds and work properly with the dimmer (just hard-wired the leds to the connector, no rectifier needed)

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05.01.2009 18:18 JipaUPDATE! v2.0 and a new video out :)
09.04.2007 10:55 JipaVersion 1.1 is already out and I made a second one of these.. Now they have stands instead of chain and they'll be located like in the last pic beaming upwards.
09.04.2007 03:02 TjjRmakee :P
08.04.2007 01:57 YoshiKiitokset tiedosta :) Pitää varmaan käydä jossain vaiheessa tuollainen itsellekkin noutamassa :P
08.04.2007 00:23 Yoshinyt on pakko kysyä erästä asiaa jota olen miettinyt jo kauan... Mikä on Nibbler työkalun suomalainen nimi jos sellainen on ?
07.04.2007 22:40 JipaPaitsi ohkasempi johto ja ehkä hienompi vaijeri/kettinki
07.04.2007 22:40 Jipaei
07.04.2007 22:38 hevinalletuleko tohon viälä jotai
07.04.2007 22:10 akeehKhuul