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Age: 38
Location: Tampere

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Camera box

Author: willek
Used time: unfinished
Cost: 0e sofar
Categories: Photography Gear | Home appliances

          So I bought a camera, Fuji Finepix F30. Since I spent all my money on the camera, I have to build a travelcase for it myself.

Sorry for the bad image quality, I blame the phonecamera.

First, little drawing on the aluminum plate...

Then cutting with electrical jigsaw.

Bending with bench vise..

adding some foam and velvet.

Next I have to buy some leather for the ouside..

to be continued..

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14.05.2008 22:10 pAbnGoing to continue? :]
06.02.2008 21:26 willeknot ready, but in use :)
06.02.2008 20:55 NearCryIs this ready yet?
08.02.2007 22:23 ammasReally good idea to build your own case for the camera :) Keep up the good work!
28.01.2007 22:46 willekwell it protects the camera when it is in a bag for example.. and I might put a belt clip on the box :)
28.01.2007 22:25 JipaI don't quite understand how and where is that kind of case used, but it sure looks better than the basic nylon one...
28.01.2007 21:07 drakminUnique case for camera, not bad idea at all :D